Hello all!

Welcome to AS3ForDesigners !

This is my very first post,and here I will talk about the reasons of starting it.

For the last three years, I was a software developer in eLearning field,using mainly Actionscript 3.0 as programming language.

I started as eContent developer in a small company  in El-Mansoura city, which are young city in the field of IT in Egypt.

I was mainly dealing with Flash time-line,and adding the code directly after the graphic designers and the animators complete there work.

The team was young but well prepared for the eLearning life cycle,so it was easy to guide the designers to prepare there files to be easy for the developer to add the code.All of the team was graduated from the eLearning department in ITI.

After only six months I start my work with a bigger company in the field of eLearning,it was over +120 employer and the background of them was different.

I started dealing with graphic designers,animators and illustrators  who do NOT care about the code 🙂 they was all the time creative and hard worker and innovators,but the developer have the load of prepare the file for the coding process.

I think it is the public case,so I started sharing some tips and tricks which can minimize the time of developing the final output,mainly prepare the file, as possible, to the developer.

Then I was in work trip, and start training a small group of graphic designers,how to write AS3.0 code for there work in eLearning field.

Here the Idea of the blog appear to me,why NOT !! Learning Flash graphic designers how to code !!!

Here I will share how to writ AS3.0 in the Flash time-line, if you are graphic designer aware about Flash Professional (CS….) you can start now learning AS3.0.

Good luck for you all.


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