Where to Code ?

At any key frame.

We can add the AS 3.0 code at any key frame in the time-line, if that key if empty or NOT.

Flash timeline

We can add code at any key frame alonge the time line

The execution of the code will be by order of the key frames ,First come First done.

The key with AS code will lapel with small letter “a” on each of them.

We will write or code on the time line directly,as a designer you will NOT need to write the code in an external file,it is advanced and we will NOT need to use it  NOW.

At any key frame press “f9” to open the Action panel or right click on the target key frame and select “Action” :

In the Actions panel we can start adding our code.

Hint : As we can write the code on the stage time-line key-frames,we can write it also on the MovieClip time-line key-frames by the same way.But we can NOT add code to Graphic object or Shape.

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