play(); the stopped MovieClip

If we have a MovieClip on the time-line,and we need it to start its animation in a specific time,what we should do ?

1- at the 1st key frame in the movie MovieClip we will add “stop();” ,that will make the MovieClip stopped at its 1st key-frame.

2- on the stage time-line,we will give the MovieClip an instance name,say “star_mc”.

3- when we want the MovieClip animation to start,just on the time-line call the MovieClip by its instance name and start the “play();” function :;

4- as we know,when the MovieClip end,it start again,that mean it will reach the 1st key-frame again,so it will find our code “stop();” and will stop.That mean the MovieClip will play only one time.

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